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The first Irizar Group autonomous bus is presented in Malaga

The first autonomous bus of the Irizar Group has been presented in Malaga. A pioneering project in mobility that will begin to circulate in a few months, by the Avanza Group.

This autonomous bus is the result of the AutoMost Project funded by the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) of the Ministry of Economy of Spain and has an expected duration of 3 years. The main objective of the project is to develop technologies that allow the automation of vehicles in urban and industrial transport applications, in order to increase efficiency, safety and sustainability. In it, the Avanza Group participates as an operator together with 11 partners, including Datik and Irizar e-mobility, as part of the Irizar Group.

The complexity of the project is given both by the many possible cases for being open to the general public (other vehicles, pedestrians ...) and for being a large vehicle where multiple passengers will go.

The dual driving that this level 3 autonomous vehicle has is based on an autonomous system capable of operating correctly within defined conditions, the system evaluates when to take control and when to delegate it and always has one or a driver in The pilot's seat. 

Datik works actively in the Perception and HMI (Human Machine Interface) sections. 

On the one hand, the perception of an autonomous system must understand the surrounding environment and communicate it to the Decision section to perform the necessary actions for the correct navigation of the vehicle. More specifically, it is based on the detection of the position and surrounding obstacles. For this, use is made of an inertial and differential GPS device, LiDARs and cameras. These last two technologies allow to detect both dynamic and static obstacles near the bus.

For its part, the HMI is the device that enables simple and effective communication between the driver and the system; It allows to change the driving mode, shows the relevant data about the environment and provides all the functionalities that allow safe dual driving.

In the following video we can see how the dual driving system works in the autonomous vehicle.

Stay tuned!

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