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iPanel Cloud Platform



Our Cloud Computing solution for effective, efficient and easy management of vehicle fleets.

iPanel Cloud Platform

It’s a Cloud Computing solution

It has services that are activated according to the needs of the operation.

Fleet managers do not require specialized IT staff.

Depending on the equipment installed in the vehicles, there are some services available that can be activated.

Depending on the equipment installed in the vehicles, there are different applications available that can be activated according to your needs. You activate the services according to your needs of operation.

Any improvement that we make in the solution, every user can automatically benefit from it.

And if what you need is a totally customized solution, our engineering team designs and develops custom projects.



Transport business management does not have timetables, so our service is available to you 24/7.


The applications, which are 100% developed by Datik, allow some customization in aesthetics and parameterization so that they can be adapted to the specific needs of our customers.


The entire iPanel platform has a full API that can be integrated with the third party systems of our customers. Thus, integrations with scheduling and dispatching systems are common and also with ERP-s for the configuration of specific Control Panels.


For customers who require it, Datik has highly qualified staff who deal with Engineering projects. Both related to iPanel applications, and ad-hoc projects of our customers.

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