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For a highly reliable and punctual service. Our application will provide you better knowledge about where the punctuality challenge is in your fleet.


Achieve punctuality with a self-managed system

This application provides traffic operators with This application provides traffic operators with. From the planning of services and their allocation to vehicles and drivers, iPanel - Operational Control monitors the compliance of the service.

Punctuality is monitored at the start of the service, intermediate stops and on arrivals. However, checkpoints along the routes, together with historical data, help to forecast punctuality compliance. This forecast is sent to the fleet so that the drivers can view their situation in the line and make the corresponding decisions to ensure punctuality. It is, therefore, a self-managed system, as the system manages the actions of the drivers.

Do you want to manage it?
Communicate with your drivers

When the transport company has the resources to perform line regulation tasks, the system provides the necessary tools to do this. The intuitive iPanel - Operational Control graphical visualization helps to identify the relevant information. From this information, the user can take the corresponding actions.

Depending on the punctuality and / or frequency of the lines or traffic incidents, the user can send regulation messages to the fleet. These messages will help drivers take actions to improve the company's punctuality indicator.


Inform, measure and improve

The calculation of estimated arrival times is information that passengers are expecting. Based on the calculations of this application the Passenger Information service* can make this information available to people.

When the routes are finalized, iPanel - Operational Control calculates the punctuality and frequency compliance indicators for departures, intermediate stops and arrivals. This information is the key to avoiding premature departures, minimizing delayed departures and optimizing timetables based on the available fleet. This information is key to improving the punctuality compliance indicator.



  • Configuration of stops, routes and timetables.
  • Allocation of resources (vehicles and drivers) to services.
  • Monitoring route compliance with calculation of punctuality and estimation of arrival times.
  • Exchange of messages with the units.
  • Alerts related to real-time regulation: premature departures, delayed departures, premature stops etc.
  • Dashboard with the evolution of punctuality compliance.
  • Histogram showing punctuality and frequency deviations
  • Conciliation of services.
  • - Log of services performed, messages exchanged between traffic operators and drivers, as well as punctuality-related alerts.




technical information

Human-machine interface - Integrated 7 "screen VGA connector for external 7 "driver console
HDMI output Yes Yes Yes, for embedded annunciator system
Audio output - - For audio announcer
Video and audio - - 4 video and 4 audio channels
Removable storage - - 250GB or 500GB solid state
Positioning Integrated GPS sensor Integrated GPS sensor Integrated GPS sensor
USB 2 2 2
Mobile connectivity (optional) 3G / 4G 3G / 4G 3G / 4G
GSM voice connectivity - - Microphone input Amplified audio output (up to 10W)
More connectivity EthernetWiFi 802.11b/g EthernetWiFi 802.11b/g EthernetWiFi 802.11b/g
Other ports 1 x RS2321 x RS4852 x CAN 1 x RS2321 x RS4852 x CAN 2 x RS232-RS4853 x CAN12 x Digital inputs (@24V)4 x Digital outputs (@24V)
Dimensions 175x104x33 175x104x33 185x167x53
Weight 0.28kg 0.28kg 1.9kg
Power supply 9-32VDC 9-32VDC 9-32VDC
Consumed power 1500mA @ 24V 1500mA @ 24V 1500mA @ 24V
Operating temperature 0°C - 60°C 0°C - 60°C 0°C - 60°C

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