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Magic Eye



Magic Eye

A real risk

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 60% of drivers in the United States (approximately 168 million people) say they have driven while drowsy. And a third (103 million people) claim to have fallen asleep at the wheel.

According to the study 'Influence of drowsiness in traffic accidents in Spain (2011-2015)' conducted by the Línea Directa Foundation, 8 million drivers claim to have driven when drowsy (31,2%). Sleep has caused 20,600 accidents, with 24,000 light injuries, 3,300 serious injuries and 800 deaths.

So yes, sleep is a real risk on the road. Equip your fleet with our Driver Monitoring System to improve driving safety.

Technology at the service of safety

The Artificial Vision system of the camera located on the dashboard towards the driver is able to detect the eyes, their state (% opening of the eye) and the direction of the gaze. An infrared camera located on the dashboard is the sensor that makes these measurements.

Using this information, an artificial intelligence system estimates drowsiness and distraction in driving.

The Driver Monitoring System alerts the driver with haptic alerts, by making the driver's seat vibrate.

Magic Eye

Minimize risk,
connect it to iPanel

The iPanel Driver Monitoring System application enables you to manage operator risk due to fatigue and distraction. Real-time alerts mean that fleet operators can react to risky situations before accidents occur.

The ranking of drivers, based on distance travelled at risk, identifies drivers who have the greatest risk. This helps to organize working days and to draft specific training plans for each driver.

Magic Eye


  • It alerts the driver when he is tired by making his seat vibrate.
  • by making his seat vibrate about the real-time alerts.
  • iPanel Driver Monitoring performs driver rankings based on driving risk, both through drowsiness and distraction.
  • Automated reporting to establish training plans and / or redesign driver shifts to minimize risk.

To activate the on-board service, a DCBV must be installed. Do you want to connect it to iPanel? Monitor with any of the Datik on-board computers, DCBL, DCBLD or DCBV.



technical information

Human-machine interface Integrated 7 "screen--
HDMI output Yes--
Audio output ---
Video and audio ---
Removable storage ---
Positioning Integrated GPS sensor--
USB 2--
Mobile connectivity (optional) 3G / 4G--
GSM voice connectivity ---
More connectivity EthernetWiFi 802.11b/g--
Other ports 1 x RS2321 x RS4852 x CAN--
Dimensions 175x104x33--
Weight 0.28kg--
Power supply 9-32VDC--
Consumed power 1500mA @ 24V--
Operating temperature 0°C - 60°C--

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