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Irizar Group registers the 'CAPITAL' project at PERTE VEC: From Datik we propose three new R&D lines

The Irizar Group registers the 'CAPITAL' project with PERTE VEC, an alliance of 21 companies with the aim of achieving a more electrified and sustainable Spain. A commitment to decarbonisation and the sustainability of zero-emission connected transport.
Values that are part of our Datik business model. For this reason, we have proposed three new lines of R&D for the project.

The first of these, together with the company Owasys, is the design and development of a new generation of embedded HW that provides a solution to the latest technological needs such as 5G connectivity and Vehicle2Infrastructure, Edge Computing and GPU computing.

On the other hand, our second research track deals with the development and adaptation of new standards in the automotive sector. Among which we would highlight the ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) and the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol).

Finally, in order to provide great added value to the Datik platform, various transversal services will be carried out, such as:
- Advanced event management system (Workflows).
- Driving style and driver efficiency management systems (EcoAssist).
- Advanced accident risk calculation system based on driver and environment monitoring (RiskFactorEngine).
- Automatic advisor for supervisory actions on EDCs based on Big Data and preventive maintenance systems.

Three advances that set the course for Datik in the coming months.


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