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Improvement of service quality, reduction of operating costs and increase of security in Flecha Amarilla Group


CASE STUDY: Flecha Amarilla Group

iPanel SAE

iPanel SAE

Ensure compliance with the frequency of the BRT

iPanel Fleet

iPanel Fleet

Fleet productivity optimization

iPanel Driver

iPanel Driver

Safe Driving

iPanel Video

iPanel Video

Fleet visualization in real time

Project information

Customer information:
-Name: Flecha Amarilla Group

-Country: Mexico

-Sector: Urban Passenger Transportation Service

-Fleet Size: 810

-Customer profile: On November 12, 1932, a passenger truck made its departure for the first time; that moment marked the birth of the Yellow Arrow Symbol. In 1942, the majority of truckers in the state of Guanajuato joined the 'León-Querétaro Line', forming Yellow Arrow Buses (Autobuses Flecha Amarilla). After 80 years since its foundation, Yellow Arrow (Flecha Amarilla) continues to be one of the national leaders in the auto transport sector giving priority to service excellence.


Project information:

The Flecha Amarilla Group has the excellence of the service as a sign of identity. For this, they work on the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of the passenger and in that sense, Datik's main objectives for this project have been the improvement of the quality of the service, the reduction of operating costs and the increase of security in the fleet.

From Datik we have worked for each of the two main business units, the Regular and Primera Plus service, and a solution according to their needs has been implemented.

In this project, a DCB (Datik Computing Brain) to which the driver's console is connected is installed on each Regular Service bus; in the case of the Primera Plus service, each DCB is connected to the driver's console, four analog cameras and also consists of voice messages. All this is integrated into a single management platform, our Cloud Computing solution, iPanel.

iPanel will be integrated with the service planning system through which more than 2,600 services are managed daily. Specifically, the iPanel applications installed have been iPanel Fleet, iPanel Driver, iPanel SAE and iPanel Video.

iPanel SAE is an ideal self-managed system to achieve punctuality. It makes available to operators the necessary tools to meet and improve punctuality and frequency data. Reports that analyze punctuality, performance and safety will help the operator and drivers improve every day.

iPanel Fleet and iPanel Driver will allow real-time management of the most relevant events, such as stops in areas not allowed, excessive delays or vehicle breakdowns. Thus being able to quickly access the data to minimize response time and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, thanks to driver's warnings the risk of accidents will be reduced.

iPanel Video also allows real-time control, being able to visualize everything that happens in the fleet at the moment. It is an intelligent recording system that allows you to download videos remotely and label risk situations automatically. This will reduce the time to search for incidents, increasing the safety of drivers and reducing claims.

*Dates and highlights of the project: 
-Awarding: 2017

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