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Antibunching and efficient driving system for the entire fleet of DBUS



iPanel SAE

iPanel SAE

Ensure compliance with the frequency of the BRT

iPanel Fleet

iPanel Fleet

Fleet productivity optimization

iPanel Driver

iPanel Driver

Eco Driving for cost reduction

Project information

Customer information:
-Name: DBUS - Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián

-Country: Spain

-Sector: Urban Passenger Transportation Service

-Fleet Size: 134 buses

-Customer profile: Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián is the company managing public urban transport in the city of San Sebastian. The Company is a corporation founded in 1886 and it has undergone a constant evolution both in the services offered and in its quality. The Company’ trams were pulled by horses when it first started operating, and today it has a fleet of 134 buses.


Project information:

Within the European E-MOBASK project, DBUS awarded the implementation in all vehicles of the EKObus system fleet, a pioneer system in the world of efficient driving assistance. 

EKObus is composed of an efficient driving assistance system and an anti-bunching system. Assists the driver to make their driving economical and ecological, reducing fossil fuel consumption and polluting emissions. The system monitors various aspects of driving, and alerts the driver through a small screen when situations of excessive consumption occur. Likewise, it also helps the driver in compliance the schedules to try to maintain the frequency of the line. 


With the award of this project, the challenges that Datik faced were first of all to ensure compliance with the frequency on the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) lines of DBUS; as well as, avoid the anticipated steps for the medium and low frequency stops; and finally, reduce fuel consumption. 

The expected impact with this project is the reduction of 8% fuel in addition to guaranteeing the quality of service offered to passengers. 

Our Datik Computing Brain or DCB offers various services and benefits on the bus itself. The driver is offered at all times the situation of delay or advance on the frequencies and hours of passage for each of the stops. Also, drivers are informed through a 7 '' display when the developed driving is not efficient. Finally, at the end of each service, it shows the driver an assessment related to the driving done. 
On the other hand, our iPanel offers other services to fleet managers in the back office and are the following: 
-Allows to know the state of delay or advance of each bus in relation to the theoretical times of passage by stops of each one of the lines of DBUS. 
-Allows to have objectives parameters (use of the brake and accelerator, sudden acceleration, sudden braking, excessive idling time, excessive RPM, excessive speed, etc.) on the driving mode. 
-Shows the geolocation of all buses of the DBUS fleet. 
-Generates reports of aggregate and particular results (by driver, by line, by bus model ...). 

We can say that the advanced analytics of the operation and the driving style make the Datik’s iPanel SAE help operators in a more efficient way to reduce costs by improving quality. 

*Dates and highlights of the project: 
-Awarding: 4T of 2018 
-Execution: 2T of 2019, with maintenance included to 5 years

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