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Management, control and surveillance system for the ABC (Autobuses de la Baja California) fleet


CASE STUDY: ABC (Autobuses de la Baja California)

iPanel SAE

iPanel SAE

Ensure compliance with the frequency of the BRT

iPanel Video

iPanel Video

Fleet visualization in real time

iPanel Sales

iPanel Sales

Sales, cancellations and vehicle occupancy information

Project information

Customer information: 
-Name: ABC (Autobuses de la Baja California)

-Country: Mexico  

-Sector:: Servicio Urbano de Transporte de Pasajeros

-Fleet: 70 autobuses

-Customer profile: Autobuses de la Baja California, is a motor transport company founded in 1964, dedicated to urban transport with more than 54 years of experience in passenger transport. Having a regional spirit is what differentiates ABC from the competition, since every day they work to take users in a timely, comfortable and safe way to their different destinations throughout Baja California.


Project information:

The objective of the project has been to implement a prepaid card in the city of Tecate to improve the passenger's travel experience. This system allows drivers to don't have to carry cash, minimizing the risk of fraud and increasing security. On the other hand, the four Points of Sale installed in the city centralize cash transactions. The perfect complement to have total control of the operation and security is the solution integrated with the iPanel SAE and iPanel Video.

The main challenges of the project have been those of the change caused by the digitalization of the transport management process. From the managers in the Control Center, through the drivers and arriving at the passage they imply a change in the way of seeing the transport. To reach the modern quality standards in transport management, several barriers caused by the change must be overcome. On the other hand, executing a project with these characteristics in a very limited time is also a real challenge.

Concretely, Datik installed a DCB (Datik Computing Brain) on each bus to which a camera, validator, printer and driver's console are connected. All this integrated with our Cloud Computing solution, iPanel.

In this case, the installed iPanel applications have been iPanel SAE, iPanel Video and iPanel Sales.

iPanel SAE is an ideal self-managed system to achieve punctuality. It makes available to operators (PTO) the necessary tools to comply with and improve punctuality and frequency data. Control is carried out at the beginning of the service, intermediate stops and at arrivals. However, the control points located along the routes along with the historical data provide a predictive system of punctuality compliance.

Thanks to iPanel Video, everything that happens in the fleet can be viewed in real time. This intelligent recording system allows to download videos remotely and label risk situations automatically to find the evidence immediately. This allows to reduce the time to look for incidents, increase the safety of drivers and reduce claims.

Toda la información de ventas, canceladoras y ocupación de vehículos queda centralizada en el iPanel Sales pudiendo gestionar las tarifas adaptando la oferta a la demanda en cada momento, maximizando así la rentabilidad del servicio. Toda la información queda registrada en tiempo real y permite a los operadores acceder a las estadísticas de ventas.

All information on sales, cancellers and vehicle occupancy is centralized in the iPanel Sales and can manage the rates adapting the offer to the demand at all times, thus maximizing the profitability of the service. All information is recorded in real time and allows operators to access sales statistics.

*Dates and highlights of the project:
-Beginning: August 2019
-Finalisation and launch: January 2020

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