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Remote tachograph download



The remote download of the cards of drivers and vehicles allows the information to be updated at all times.

Remote tachograph download

Save time and money

The requirement to download information from vehicle tachographs and driver cards involves a lot of time investment for transport companies. This application offers the user a way to download this information remotely and automatically. Task scheduling means that you can regularly launch remote downloads.

The automation of this process means that it is no longer necessary to stop vehicles and dedicate time for drivers to carry out this task manually. Thus, fleet and driver productivity increases.

Compliance with the law

Remote downloads are carried out in accordance with the technical and legal requirements imposed by the European Union. The last 24 months' files are stored in the Cloud Platform.

This information ensurescompliance with the maximum speed limits controlled by the tachograph, in addition to the maximum driving times established by law.


The system is compatible with all digital tachograph brands  (Stoneridge from V7, VDO from version 1.3a and the Actia Smartach). For fleets where there are usually different models of digital tachographs, this solution allows to the process of downloading the information to be unified.

Remote tachograph download


  • Centralized company card in the automatic download of the tachograph file of the vehicles.
  • Automatic download of drivers' tachograph cards file.
  • Identification of drivers with tachograph card reading..
  • Scheduling of tasks for downloading tachograph data and the drivers' cards.
  • Access to the Cloud Platform files for 24 months.




technical information

Human-machine interface - Integrated 7 "screen VGA connector for external 7 "driver console
HDMI output Yes Yes Yes, for embedded annunciator system
Audio output - - For audio announcer
Video and audio - - 4 video and 4 audio channels
Removable storage - - 250GB or 500GB solid state
Positioning Integrated GPS sensor Integrated GPS sensor Integrated GPS sensor
USB 2 2 2
Mobile connectivity (optional) 3G / 4G 3G / 4G 3G / 4G
GSM voice connectivity - - Microphone input Amplified audio output (up to 10W)
More connectivity EthernetWiFi 802.11b/g EthernetWiFi 802.11b/g EthernetWiFi 802.11b/g
Other ports 1 x RS2321 x RS4852 x CAN 1 x RS2321 x RS4852 x CAN 2 x RS232-RS4853 x CAN12 x Digital inputs (@24V)4 x Digital outputs (@24V)
Dimensions 175x104x33 175x104x33 185x167x53
Weight 0.28kg 0.28kg 1.9kg
Power supply 9-32VDC 9-32VDC 9-32VDC
Consumed power 1500mA @ 24V 1500mA @ 24V 1500mA @ 24V
Operating temperature 0°C - 60°C 0°C - 60°C 0°C - 60°C

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