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The new MagicEye®

Protect your fleet from accidents due to fatigue and distraction and discover how to improve safety.

Suitable for all modes of public transport:

Alerts to driver and operator

Instant access to CCTV footage

User friendly incident management portal

24/7 accident prevention service

Watch the video

Push culture change

Embrace a new open management and culture around fatigue, based on driver empowerment and sharing responsibilities.

Cleverly predictive

MagicEye® A predictive algorithm generates a driver fatigue risk score, which is presented to the driver in real time to provide awareness and encourage driver empowerment.

Exceptionally precise

A driver facing camera detects fatigue and distraction signs and when these are detected the display will alert the driver so that he can respond responsibly.

Bespoke fatigue prevention plan

We can make a plan together to suit your needs. The aim of the plan is for our team of fatigue experts to help you prevent accidents, alerting you when high risk situations occur.

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